Adventure Camp

Camp Challenge is affiliated with the Focus Adventures Network in Asia. It was set-up to help participants to discover more about themselves and their capabilities, in a fun and challenging outdoor environment. Kayaking, sailing, rock-climbing, orienteering and abseiling are some of the activities in which participants can learn new  skills and learn the value of team work.

Hosting Course

A collaboration between National University of Singapore (NUS) and oneof Singapore’s best known Radio deejays Elliot Danker, have come up with a fun-filled Hosting Course to introduce students to professional  hosting and speaking with confidence. This 3 day course is designed for aspiring hosts and to help them to develop better speaking habits to face the crowd with confidence. The course was developed from real life experiences and will cover the basics of hosting live events and helping students to discover and begin their journey in developing their own stage personalities. Students will also get a chance to visit a radio station to  understand how they work. All participants will be given a certificate each upon the completion of the course.

A Young Reporter Course

A collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS), the course is created to allow students to get a first-hand feel of what it takes to be a journalist. Students will learn the proper skills and techniques to influence readers and to learn about what makes a great headline. This 4 day course will take students on a journey of learning and understanding proper English use, visiting famous landmarks in Singapore to gather information, writing techniques and finally presenting their reports. Prizes will be given out to the best young reporters and certificates will be presented to all participants.

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