Overseas School Trip

Specializing in Educational Services, we are a one stop hub whereby we are to arrange Overseas School Trip, Community Service Trip, Study Programme, School Exchange Programme, Sports Exchange Programme, Educational Learning Programme, Home Stay, Various Educational Tour, Adcademy Course & many others.

Below are what we could provide:
  • Primary, Secondary, Polytechnic, College, University School vist - Half or 1 day programme
  • Primary, Secondary, Polytechnic, College, University exchange programme
  • Sports, Orchestra, Musical & Dance School exchange programme
  • Home stay programme
  • Academy study of English education programme (Long Term)
  • Experience study in Singapore Education programme (Short Term)
  • Overseas School Trip (OST) to Singapore
  • Overseas School Trip (OST) to Guangzhou, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand & Philippines
  • School training programme
  • Adventure Camp programme in Singapore & Bintan
  • Various courses like; Cooking, SPA, IT & many more
  • Overseas School exchange programme in China, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Thailand
  • Academy study of Chinese Language in China
  • School Seminar
  • Retreat programme for Educational personnel