Adventure Camp

Camp - Challenge is a part of the affliation of Focus Adventures network in the Asian region which been set up to help participants learn about their capabilities in a fun and challenging outdoor environment. It is through activities like kayaking, sailing, rock climbling, orienteering and abseiling that participants learn new skills and at the same time, learn about teamwork and the value of tenacity.

Learning Outcomes

Become aware of own strengths & weaknesses
Believe in own untapped potential
Experience increased self-confidence & self esteem
Accept challenges & stretch beyond preceived limits
Develop better team spirit & interpersonal skills
Discover an anchor in outdoor activities


CAMP CHALLENGE believes that by actively participating in activities that are fun and challenging, one engages deeply with the experience, thus gaining personal insights and enhancing interactions with others.

CHALLENGERS experience a personal change due to paradigm shifts and as the transformation sets in, they adapt to it. In this very personal and enriching process, they master the change by internalizing the learning points. They are then challenged to plan and implement true changes that will leave a lasting legacy in their lives.