Incineration Plants Pulau Semakau

Installation Visits

The provision and management of world-class facilities for the collection and disposal of solid waste play a vital role in pollution control and making Singapore a city state with standards of cleanliness and public health.

Solid Waste Management
A modern and efficient solid waste management system in Singapore ensures that refuse is collected daily and disposed of, either at the incineration plant or sanitary landfill.

The bulk of refuse is sent to the four incineration plants at Tuas (TIP), Ulu Pandan (UPRIP), Senoko (SIP) and the newly commissioned Tuas South Incineration Plant (TSIP) [map] at Tuas South Avenue 3. Incineration reduces the volume of refuse by 90% and therefore saves land required for landfilling.

A visit to an incineration plant can be arranged, to learn more about how to refuse is incinerated. Visitors would also see how electricity is generated by the incineration process and how scrap metal is extracted for recycling at the steel mills.

The Tuas Marine Transfer Station (TMTS) is used for the transportation of non-incinerable wastes via barges to Semakau Landfill (SL). The visit to SL involves sea transportation from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal (PPFT).

In addition to educational visits, Semakau Landfill (SL) also opens for various recreational activities including intertidal walks, sport fishing, bird watching, stargazing and recreational outings.