The World's Choice Healthcare Destination

Each year, more than 400,000 international patients visit Singapore for a whole range of healthcare service. Some come for health screening, others for eye, heart and brain surgeries or cancer treatment. Whether their needs are basic or complex, patients find assurance in Singapore’s world-class healthcare system which emphasises safety and pushes the boundaries of excellence.

Asia leading Medical Hub
In addition to a seamless and timely experience with state-of-the-art medicine and treatment rendered by highly-skilled professionals, patients can also have access to novel treatment options availed by progressive clinical research taking place in Singapore. With Singapore fast-gaining ground as the nucleus for top-notch biomedical research technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutics and healthcare services, man of the world’s best know pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology companies have set up the manufacturing and research bases here. Others, such as John Hokins and The West Clinc, have also set up medical centres in Singapore to receive local and international patients.